Rita Evans is an artist based in London since 2004, completing her MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College in 2009. Since then, Rita has presented at residencies, performances and exhibitions internationally. In 2015 Rita was awarded the Stephen Cripps’ Studio Award, an Acme Residency & Awards Programme for artists working with sound, movement and light. DOWNLOAD LIST OF EXHIBITIONS / AWARDS

Materials Testing Diagram 2016


1. Matrices, Tensions, Sound = Sculptures Project, Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England. Instrument Sculptures Workshop, at Chisenhale Dance Space, London, in the Performance Studio. 21st May 5-7pm and 11th June 4-6pm. FREE – RSVP Required: BOOKING LINK

2. Instrument Sculptures Project, Canada Council for the Arts Media Production Grant

Sonic Knitting needles, Rita Evans 2015 smaller

Above: Testing Chart for Public Workshop 2016.

Right: Sonic Knitting Instruments 2015

Below: Instrument Structures Visual Score / Movement Testing Chart, 2016

Score Testing Diagram




Above: Wool Matrix, 2015
For one afternoon, the Backstage Centre in Thurrock, Essex, became a live creative space where the group dynamics of the community, an elemental part of the works, evolved inside and around the sculpture-structures. Each of these were choreographed one after the other across one space generating a changing set of rhythms and pace.