ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS, Schools Project, The Drawing Room, London

ROCK PAPER SCISSORS is an education, learning and engagement programme for primary school children and families in Elephant & Castle. Special thanks to all the teachers and students at Charlotte Sharman School and St John’s C of E School in Elephant & Castle, London & Curators Misty Eden & Sheyamali Sudesh, artists Solomon Williams & Esme Wedderburn from The Drawing Room for all their support to develop this project that was part of their wider learning programme.

(Above image: Expolseemola, an instrument invention, St John’s C of E School, Elephant and Castle, London, May 2021)

In the summer term of 2021, ROCK PAPER SCISSORS took place with primary school children in Elephant & Castle, London. I was invited to work with the children who guided the direction of the sessions to make their own worlds of listening and playing, creating their own tools, instruments and devices from materials and sounds that they then named. Their collaborative sound drawings functioned as both sound scores and staging for the finale of their objects which they presented in any way they felt like.

Below is an image of ‘Colourful Girl Power’ by Rachel. Rachel made this multicoloured stringed refreshing drink into a sculpture using paper which she then held above her head in the playground standing still with it to the sound of a drum.

Children in St John’s C of E School in a sound cone workshop session, June 2021.



ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS, 2021, The Drawing Room, London.

‘Colourful Girl Power’, an instrument invented by Rachel, St John’s C of E School, Elephant and Castle, London, May 2021