Rita Evans concludes her Stephen Cripps’ Studio Award with Brain Drain and Trance Party


In the final week of her Stephen Cripps’ Studio Award, Rita will present two sound-based sculptural installations currently in development. Their uncertain outcomes, moments of failure and possible collapse will be shared with the audience.

12.30pm to 1.30pm Brain Drain in the Stephen Cripps’ Residency Award Sudio 005, High House Artists’ Studios

A series of sculptures and drawings (in progress).

Developed in the award studio from original drawings that formed part of Rita’s proposal for her year on the Stephen Cripps Studio Award, the Brain Drains explore exhaustion and loss of control. Using methods of circulation, filtering, reducing, expanding and melting to reach various points of ending or renewal, they aim to create a watery, volatile soundscape as liquids and materials flow through them.

2pm to 4pm Trance Party in the Barns

A site specific ‘electro-acoustic’ instrument/sculpture and party.

Trance Party uses the creative potential of turbulence, failure and open-endedness as a strategy for the audience to create and construct their own rhythm. ‘Trance’ in the title, relates to the level of heightened awareness during shared concentration; the build-up and breakdown of a beat; a sparse starting point with layers that slowly build over time; and the repetition of phrases, that in ‘trance music’ sends dancers into a hypnotic state. The physically flexible nature of sections of the sculpture, will aid the constant destabilisation of pitch encouraging new beginnings. The audience is also invited to dance or relax within and around the instrument.

The Stephen Cripps’ Studio Award is a major creative development opportunity funded by Acme Studios, The Henry Moore Foundation, High House Production Park Ltd and Stephen Cripps’ family.