Score for Stage Hands (Southend) from Rita Evans on Vimeo.

Score for Stage Hands was first performed at The Backstage Centre on the 10th May 2015


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“The afternoon’s ‘Post Script’ is provided by the clatter and bustle of Score for Stage Hands, creating a neat counter-point to the meditative performance preceding it. For this site-specific piece, performed by students from the Centre’s Technical Youth Team and South Essex College, the score is open text based and given to the performers in a large scale, projected, story format. The task of the each Stage Hand is then to interpret their own place in the given story using only the technical theatre equipment available to them in the space (theatre lighting, scaffolding, ladders, sound, haze and a deconstructed band-kit, all to be moved around the spacious Centre). The stratagem, here, is the switch from utilising tools to assist in the creation of a performance into making the usage of the tools the performance itself. As the interpretation potentially utilises every area of the space (including gantry), in a low light medium, it becomes difficult
to follow every twist and turn of the performance, which suggests that a longer time scale for any future enactment might aid the audience’s perception of the story/action interplay. This particular performance certainly took an enterprisingly musical turn as a collective ‘decision’ to utilise the scaffolding as a
percussion instrument was arrived at, an elegant further twist being the lighting up of the, shadow enveloped, scaffold by mobile phone screens, creating a structure reminiscent of Moholy-Nagy ‘light sculptures’. The results, then, are intriguing though perhaps more disjoined than the tightly configured, highly impressive, Wool Matrix and Suspension Piece. But there is a sense of urgency, speed and motion to the piece that plays off nicely in comparison to the rest of the afternoon’s performance.”

Keiron Phelan