Disembodied Light Orchestra 

A structure where participants and visitors to the space manipulate and improvise amplified materials to build moments of group understanding and musicality. Out of seemingly chaotic or awkward situations, moments of musicality emerge.

The light above changes hue and saturation in direct response to the playing below, that filling the whole room with different colours, each controlled by the collective discovery and actions of the players, creating a feedback system of influence.

This piece takes place at a convergence point in a building, a corridor or a space where many passages meet.


Performance 1 (video above).

Performance 2: Link to video

Performance 3: Link to video

A selection of still photographs from live performances:

All sounds within the room are flattened into this digital image, which fluctuates, wavers and flickers in time.

Table 1) Most malleable: soft wet based materials (clay, pulps of fibres and water); 

Table 2) Middle: aluminium foil, bubble wrap, newsprint and baking paper;

Table 3) Least malleable materials, glass and metals 

Amplified Table (for playing)