OUTPOST Members’ Show 2015, selected by Nik Void

Originally, the Sonic Knitting Needles were part of the more expansive sculpture Wool Matrix, for this group show the needles and wool are placed on a table for people to interact with. The needles are plugged into headphones. An interview with Nik Void about the exhibition.

NV: I like the idea of inviting the audience in. By experiencing Rita Evans’ Sonic Knitting Needles the work links the audience to the emotive element experienced with improvisation and participation. With live music the audience participation is usually more restricted to their own space. The needles are adapted with contact mics to produce sound, the participant can hear the motion through headphones. I think listening through headphones is important to have in a space like a gallery because it’s encourages a personal and private experience.

Sonic Needles 1 photo Joseph BarrettSonic Needles 2 photo Joseph Barrett

Outlining her intentions for the show and the context of the selection, Nik Void explains, ‘The nature of the exhibition is role reversal – to objectify artworks to simulate performance in a subtle way and linking the work of others to my own practice. I have selected five artists to present this idea.’

Norwich Outpost 2015