The Melt (Michael Grime, Katharine Tolladay and Rita Evans) at Chisenhale Gallery

The Melt Octave Tuesday 11 December 2012, 7pm
A live presentation of a script written collaboratively by Andrea Francke, Dan Davis, Patricia Lennox-Boyd, Rehana Zaman, Matthew McQuillan, Rasmus Nilausen and Patrick Coyle. Through the process of footnoting, narratives, questions and accounts are woven together to form a script that creates links between the individual concerns of the artists. These are represented in performance by different voices, technologies and styles to create richly textured layers of sound.
This event has been developed by The Melt. Katharine Tolladay, Rita Evans and Michael Grime began working together in 2009 as The Melt; an online publication seeking to produce structures that enable people to work collaboratively. Booking advisable.

High Moon

Image from my work ‘High Moon’ on show at the Ex Teresa in Mexico City in 2010, with International Art Space Station curated by Javier Calderon.


Salt Factory, Rita Evans and Julia Mariscal Project in Mallorca (2012)

We are currently developing a new piece of work together as The Objectifiers. We have been on site at a Salt Factory in South Mallorca to develop work on the history and ecology of salt production. This will present itself as a live work, a library of ‘Salt’ sounds and images and video works which will be presented in an exhibition space in Spain, London┬álater this year.

The project will be documented online at a new site for The Objectifiers (coming soon) and the library of Salt will become the beginning of a larger anthology of material libraries.

Links to Video:

Pink Myth

Salt Factory Performance