Dreams over three years condensed into one stream

Ending images fun fur university socialist student upside-down in high rise near beach.  Memphis Rome Memphis evolution of a style. A green loop appears slowly fading into intense dark red. All these illuminated screens around us, some that we notice and others that we don’t notice. Now: Hang gold piece over graphics of space and call it ‘boredom and graphics’. Paper things with titles like ‘works in the key of what means nothing to no one’. Bass ideas moving mountains with chairs as support. Develop ‘further’ in relation to drugs. A Mel Bochner statement appears. feeling. Myth Expertise natural scientists cultural heritage technology Shell technology. Brown leaves on White ‘how the sign died’, ‘what happened in the end?’, ‘sunken’, sculpture. Empty spaces, voids, the flattened object as it appears in space. Reflective theatre, melting tab. Where the 1960s didn’t make it. Police Fan Constant new Babylon directed by lies encounter the world in a room. Competitions, warm up structures shapesCarve, a cast stainless steel service. Perform poem, clean up.